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Insomnia Treatment

A common sleep disorder, Insomnia prevents people from falling asleep, to stay asleep or in even waking up early along with finding difficulty in going back to sleep. CBT or cognitive Behavioural Therapy is one effective treatment available to combat chronic sleep problems, as is alternative medicines such as hybridfast medicinal marijuana. It is generally recommended as the primary or first line of treatment to see your doctor and see if CBD or medicine is right for you. For getting best insomnia treatment,one can visit the leading and renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Priyanka Mahajan.

A well planned program, cognitive behaviour therapy helps people who suffer from sleep disorder to not only find but even replace the behaviour and thoughts that affects or worsens sleep problems by inculcating habits that encourage and support sound sleep. As against sleeping pills, cognitive behavioural therapy aids in conquering the core reasons causing sleeplessness in an individual.

How Does Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Aid In Treating Insomnia?

The cognitive part of CBT-I aids people facing sleep disorder to not only recognize but even change the beliefs that might be affecting their ability to fall asleep. The CBT-I therapy aids people suffering from disorders of sleep to not only control but even end negative thoughts and worries that tend to keep them awake.

On the other hand, the behavioural part or part of the CBT-I assists people to form or develop good sleeping habits by avoiding behaviours that prevent them from getting sound sleep.

CBT-I techniques

  • Stimulus Control Therapy
  • Sleep Restriction
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Improvement in the sleep environment
  • Relaxation Training
  • Remaining passively awake
  • Bio feed back

The treatment method may combine either one or all the above methods. Sleep medications may prove effective as a short-term treatment method. But for long-term sleep problems, CBT-I may prove as the best approach.

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